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Transition And Job Training Negotiations During A Personal Injury Settlement

by Lewis Hamilton

If you're offered a settlement package for your injuries, you need to consider more than the cash amount. An injury may lead to an unstable financial future unless the settlement amount is far more than you plan on making for the rest of your life. For more reasonable settlement amounts, negotiate for services such as transition assistance and job training to meet your legal opponent in the middle of the cost battle.

Transition Assistance To Move On After Injury

Depending on your injury, you may need to move to another area more suitable for your injuries or at least make your current area a bit more accessible. From installing safety rails and ramps to your home to getting established in a new work center, your legal opponent may be able to cut costs by assisting you through any means necessary.

Your legal opponent may have resources other than cash that could help you get to your next destination easier. Either by using moving services, their own company or their own physical labor, the often difficult legal costs can be offset.

If you need to move to a new area, your legal opponent may be able to shop for foreclosures or government sales that may be easier to deal with than a demand for large amounts of money to buy your own home. Such flexibility is necessary if your legal opponent isn't completely at fault for your injuries. 

Job Training And College Attendance For Enhanced Income

The delicate balance between disability and being able to work is difficult to manage. In some cases, it can mean the difference between getting partial payments from programs such as Social Security Disability or trying to get money from an unwilling legal opponent. By enhancing your own earning potential, your legal opponent's debt to you can be lowered while reducing your need to demand more money.

If your legal adversary can acquire job training services for a job that you can work with your injuries, the costs may be cheaper than fighting long legal battles to argue fault and financial responsibility. Take into consideration the amount of money you could earn by getting into another career and plan for college as well.

By hiring a grant writer or any professional with experience in the college finance and tuition assistance system, your opponent could find scholarships and grants that match your traits and financial needs. Although scholarship opportunities are almost always available, it takes a professional to piece together the most comprehensive scholarship opportunities into something that can be relied upon.

To begin planning for your life after settlement negotiations, consult an experienced lawyer from a firm like Gazewood & Weiner PC.