Your Legal Rights at Work

Going To Trial For Your Personal Injury Case

by Lewis Hamilton

If you have been injured due to another person's negligence, you may have already retained an attorney to protect your rights. There is always hope that the opposing side will offer you a fair settlement for your injuries, but, at some point, going to court may become inevitable. At this stage in the process of your claim, the stakes are much higher. Your lawyer is no doubt ready and quite able to represent you in court, but you will need to take a major part in the trial as well. Read on for tips on appearing in court for your personal injury claim.

1.  If you have been keeping a journal since your accident, you will now make good use of it in court. While not admissible as evidence, your writings will serve as reminders of the facts surrounding your claim. Re-read your entries and familiarize yourself with the facts. Having in-depth knowledge of your case will allow you to give a calm and factual accounting of your accident in court.

2.  Your attorney will use the facts of the case to help you to prepare for being interrogated on the stand. Most experienced attorneys will be able to predict the questions you will be asked, and your legal team will help you to practice giving answers to those questions. Remember to answer only what is asked; never volunteer information or ramble when you answer.

3.  Make sure you brush up on proper courtroom etiquette and practices:

  • Do not wear head wear of any type, with the exception of that which is worn for religious reasons. This includes sunglasses on your head.
  • Dress neatly and be properly groomed.
  • Sit up straight and look the judge directly in the eye.
  • Address the judge as "your honor" only.
  • Turn off your cell phone.
  • Stand to answer when the judge addresses you.

4.  Be prepared for tactics from the opposing side in an attempt to throw you off or rattle you into misspeaking. You may have been under surveillance at some point and this footage may now be shown in court. In addition, your medical, financial and other personal records may be presented as evidence in open court, so be prepared to face that possibility.

With plenty of advance preparation, you can have a successful experience in court and be victorious in your personal injury claim. Your personal injury attorney will guide you thorough every step to ensure success and this stressful experience will soon be far behind you. To find a local injury lawyer, do a search for injury attorney kernersville nc.