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3 Common Reasons Second Marriages Fail

by Lewis Hamilton

If you are getting ready to enter into your second marriage, it's important for you to realize that 67% of second marriages fail. The rates for third marriages are even higher than this, but why? While you may end up with an extremely successful second or third marriage, it's important to understand the causes of most divorces in second marriages. By knowing these, you might be able to prevent a divorce after you tie the knot. Here are three common causes to be aware of.

Rebound Marriage

Some people are so miserable in their first marriages that they want to instantly get married after getting divorced. These individuals may immediately meet someone new and fall head over heels in love. Because they are so happy compared to how they were prior to meeting these individuals, they may rush right into marriage.

While these situations can lead to good marriages in some cases, in other cases the marriages end up failing. This is often because these individuals overlook the other person's faults, problems, and issues. After a couple months or years of marriage, they may realize that they made a big mistake.

Children Or Lack Of Common Children

Another reason second marriages fail involve kids. If you have children when you enter the second marriage, your kids might pose problems to your marriage. You and your new spouse may have different styles of parenting, and you may not like how your new spouse treats your kids. This can lead to major conflicts with you and your new spouse, and it could become so bad that you cannot take anymore.

A lot of second marriages occur later in life, which means that the couples do not always have children together. Without having common children, it is so much easier for a couple to split up when things get rough in the marriage. With common kids, couples will often work harder to preserve the marriage for the sake of the children.

High Expectations

A third reason second marriages fail is due to high expectations. If you were miserable in your first marriage, you may have a completely different set of expectations for your second marriage. If your spouse doesn't meet these expectations, you may be more miserable in your second marriage than you were in your first.

Before you rush into a second or third marriage, make sure you know who you are marrying and the common issues found in second marriages. By doing this, you could be able to avoid a divorce in the future.

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