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Why You May Want To Hire A Social Security Disability Lawyer

by Lewis Hamilton

If you have decided that you are ready to file a claim for social security disability, you may want to consider getting a little help. This is best done by hiring a social security disability lawyer. Sure, you will have to pay a fee should you win your case, but many people find that the benefits of having someone with legal expertise on their side to far outweigh the cost. Take a moment to review the following reasons why hiring a social security disability lawyer may be the best move you make.

Can Help You With The Questionnaire

After submitting your initial application, you will be sent a long questionnaire that needs to be filled out and returned as quickly as possible. After all, your social security representative will not be able to move forward with the processing of your claim until you have successfully submitted this. The thing is though, many people find this extra large packets of questions to be rather intimidating. Not only that, but it can be confusing for some people as it may appear as though a single question can be asked in a few different ways throughout the questionnaire. While your lawyer will not give you the answers, as they are personal according to how you feel, he or she can help make sure that you are wording everything in a clear way. 

Can Help Gather Your Medical Records

It is important to make sure that the social security office is receiving all of your medical records from every primary doctor, specialist, therapist, and hospital that you have been seen at for the disability that you are suffering with. If everything is not received by a deadline set forth by the social security administration, your claim can be denied and you will have to start all over again. Therefore, even if your social security representative is taking down the name and numbers for the various doctors and hospitals that you have seen, you might need to take it a step further. Your lawyer can make calls, send faxes, and mail letters requesting the release of our medical records. This is usually enough to get the job done and it does not take any of your own personal time.

Can Be Ready To File A Timely Appeal

No matter how good of a case you have, there is always the chance that your claim will be denied. If this happens, you need to make sure that an appeal is being filed right away. After all, the longer you wait to file that appeal, the longer you are going without the financial and medical assistance that you need. Another thing to remember is that there is a time limit for appeals. Your lawyer will make sure that everything is filed well before that time limit is up so that you will not have to start the entire process over from scratch.

With the previously mentioned points in mind, you should have no problem deciding whether you want to go ahead and hire a social security disability lawyer like Horn & Kelley, PC Attorneys at Law to help with your case.