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When To Hire A Car Accident Attorney

by Lewis Hamilton

Many auto accidents are terrible, but straightforward. The vehicle drivers may emerge unharmed, exchange information, and go on with their days. However, many other auto accidents are not as simple, and the consequences may extend far into the future. In instances like these, it's wise to hire professional help. Here are some examples of when it is advised to consult with a car accident attorney.

You Were Underinsured

A few states don't require drivers to carry commercial auto insurance. If you are involved in an accident in any other state, however, you could get into serious legal trouble if you don't have active vehicle insurance.

Depending on the circumstances of the charges against you, consider calling an auto accident attorney for legal advice on how best to proceed after an accident in which you were underinsured.

You Are Being Sued

Driving a car that is involved in an accident makes you susceptible to being named in a lawsuit. Whether or not you are at fault will ultimately be decided in a courtroom, but your need for legal representation is clear.

If you are being sued as a result of a car accident, your personal freedom and/or financial stability may be at risk. Speak to a car accident attorney before speaking to anyone else.

Someone Died as a Result of Your Driving

It doesn't take a horrific car accident such as a rollover for someone to be killed. Elderly persons, or those with a previous medical condition such as a heart problem may be traumatized by the accident and suffer fatal consequences. Even a freak accident may occur after a small fender bender.

No matter the circumstances, if someone died as a result of your driving, consult with an attorney who specializes in car accidents. Remember that your auto insurance doesn't protect you from criminal or negligent charges. You will need legal representation to ensure you receive justice.

You Suspect You Were Profiled

Profiling happens when prejudices regarding race, color or nationality are used to make assumptions about a person's innocence or guilt. Unfortunately, profiling is common and rampant in certain regions. If you are in an auto accident and feel you were unfairly treated at the scene based on profiling by an official, you may lose your chance for a fair trial.

Contact an auto accident attorney right away if you have any suspicions about the biased nature of how you were treated after an accident.

Auto attorneys are legal experts in all different kinds of situations involving vehicle accidents. If you are involved in any of the above scenarios, call one today.