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3 Characteristics Of A Great Worker's Comp Attorney

by Lewis Hamilton

If you were recently injured while on the job, one of the first things you should do is look into getting worker's compensation while you are out of work. While you can navigate the system by yourself, you may find that it is an uphill battle. In many cases, these claims are not honored, whether it is due to a lack of evidence, turning in your documentation late, or any other detail that you may have missed. This is why securing a worker's compensation attorney is beneficial. It is also important to remember that there are some attorneys who are only willing to do the bare minimum to get you a settlement, when there is often significant legwork required to get a fair amount of money.  It can be overwhelming when considering which attorney is best for your case. The following are some characteristics of a good worker's compensation attorney to help you make your decision:

Someone Who Will Make Every Effort To Secure Evidence

Evidence of your injury is paramount to winning a worker's compensation case, so you need an attorney who will go the extra mile to help uncover the evidence to support your claim. Much of the required evidence is medical since the claim is based on an injury. Your attorneyshould be able to develop a plan that includes gather every bit of evidence to help you win your case. This includes but is not limited to medical records, deposition from physicians, as well getting second and third medical opinions from doctors outside of those provided by the company. Your attorney should have good relationships with the medical professionals in your area and will help you set up appointments with them in order to help develop a solid line of evidence.

Someone Who Is Well Versed In Settlement Numbers

Worker's compensation attorneys work to get their clients a fair and reasonable settlement, so the person you choose should have the ability to negotiate settlement numbers. A seasoned attorney will have knowledge of what different types of injuries sustained on the job are worth when it comes to compensation. They will know what considerations to factor in when negotiating a settlement, which includes permanent disability due to the injury, your medical costs, how long you will be out of work, and the need for future medical treatment.

He or she will also have experience when it comes to insurance. A company insurer will attempt to offer the lowest amount of money to quickly settle the claim. You should choose an attorney who will engage with the insurance company and negotiate a more reasonable settlement.

Someone Who Is Willing To Be With You At A Hearing

If the company insurer will not negotiate a fair settlement offer, your attorney should be willing to appear with you at a worker's compensation hearing. This process will take place in front of a judge where your attorney should present a case for you. He or she will provide all the gathered evidence, call in witnesses, and will argue on your behalf. Attorneys are not required to attend hearings, so you need to ask potential attorneys if they will be willing to do this for you. If the judge sides with the insurer, your attorney should work with you in filing an appeal to help you get a better settlement.

Going through the worker's compensation claims process is a tough road to travel by yourself. In order to get the best settlement, you should choose an attorney like Mauger & Meter with years of experience and who primarily specializes in these types of claims. Check their record of wins versus losses when deciding on who to choose so that you will have a higher chance of a positive result.