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3 Ways To Prove The Officers Were Wrong And You're Right About A Traffic Violation

by Lewis Hamilton

When it comes to getting to your destination, the chances are high that you may need to drive there. It's possible that you may be careless from time to time and not pay as much attention to your driving. If this is the case, you may be given a traffic ticket, and this is the last thing you will want on your record. It's a fact that traffic violations can cause your auto insurance to skyrocket, and this is less than ideal. Knowing some tips for proving you're right and the police officer was wrong may be helpful to your case.

Enlist witnesses

If there were other people present when you received a traffic violation that may not have been necessary, you could call on these individuals to testify on your behalf. This could include people that were standing by or even passengers in your car.

Be sure to have the full name and contact information of these people on hand for the best results. This will enable you to contact your witnesses as necessary. 

Create a diagram

One of the best times to prove that you weren't at fault and may not have deserved a traffic violation is when you are accused of not stopping at an intersection. One of the most effective ways to prove you did is to have a diagram put together of this location.

This can allow you to show precisely where your vehicle may have been that day and the location of the police officer. This illustration may be the proof necessary to show the officer wouldn't be able to make such an accusation because of the visual distance.

Road conditions

It may be possible that the road was responsible for any mistake you were thought to have made. This could be the key to clearing up the traffic violation and allowing you to get out of it. 

You should contact the proper authorities in your area to work towards getting an official report of the road conditions on the day you were ticketed. This may work in your favor if the conditions were severe and made it difficult for you to see or travel quickly.

The benefits of getting rid of a traffic violation are many. Rather than having this go on your permanent driving record, be sure to consider working with an attorney like Drew F Davis that specializes in this area if you need additional assistance today!