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2 Mistakes To Avoid When Making A Social Security Disability Claim

by Lewis Hamilton

Filing for social security disability benefits can be a complicated process, but a social security lawyer can help take the weight off your shoulders and help you with your unique situation. Some people make the mistake of not having a social security attorney who can offer advice and represent their best interests. If you have tried to do it on your own, you may have taken some missteps. Do not make these two common mistakes when making a social security disability claim.

Mistake #1: Not Seeking Sufficient Treatment for Your Condition

When you experience an injury on the job or elsewhere, it is very important to attain proper medical care. If you don't get the right treatment for your condition in a consistent manner, your social security disability claim may be denied. It frequently happens to claimants. The sad truth is that some people try to make a claim when they have sought no medical care for their condition at all.

If you have an injury that has left you disabled in some ways, you probably need to see a specialist. Don't rely solely on seeing your primary care physician, even if they are willing to state that you incurred your injuries because of a certain accident or situation and have become disabled as a result of your injuries. The Social Security Administration may assess the severity of your situation and look at the treatment you have received for it. If you aren't seeking treatment and receiving it, they may not rule in your favor.

Mistake #2: Presenting the Claim Too Soon

Yet another reason that people are often denied for their social security disability claim is that they attempt to make the claim far too soon. When it is made prematurely, the Social Security Administration may wonder what your real motives are or question that you will be disabled on a long-term basis.

Before you get disability benefits, you often need to show that you have been disabled for at least an entire year. Additionally, you need to show that you have not been able to obtain sufficient employment during that time because your disability.

Finally, keep in mind social security disability claims are approved for people of various abilities and conditions. You may be entitled to social security disability benefits without even realizing it. Contact a social security lawyer, such as those at Prediletto, Halpin, Scharnikow & Nelson, P.S., if you are not sure whether you will be able to attain benefits. Your lawyer can answer questions, help you through the process, and represent your case.