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The 4 Worst Things You Can Do To A Personal Injury Case

by Lewis Hamilton

If you've been injured in a car wreck or some other accident, you naturally want to do everything you can to make everything proceed smoothly. In order to make that happen, you need to be conscious of the absolute worst things you can do to your own case. Here are the four worst things you can do to your own case:

1. Not Following A Doctor's Advice

You may be the victim of someone else's negligence, but you still have an obligation to do everything you can reasonably do to get better. That doesn't mean you have to have a risky surgery if a doctor suggests that it could relieve your pain or improve your condition -- you aren't expected to risk your life. However, you are expected to show up for your doctor's visits, take medication as necessary, go to physical therapy and see a specialist if needed. If you don't, the other party can't be held accountable for all your losses.

2. Exaggerating Or Lying About Anything

Never exaggerate your symptoms or try to hide your part in an accident. If you were driving a few miles over the speed limit when the accident happened, for example, it's better to admit that up front than it is to try to hide it. If the truth comes out later (and it probably will), everything you've said about your entire case can be called into question and you'll lose all your credibility. Same goes for your injuries. If there's something that you're worried about admitting, discuss it with your attorney.

3. Talking About The Case With Someone Other Than Your Attorney

Don't talk to the insurance company's adjuster and don't talk to any attorneys but your own. You have no idea how something you might say can be misinterpreted. For example, if an insurance adjuster says, "Hi, how are you?" at the beginning of a recorded conversation and you respond, "Fine, thank you," that can be used to show that you weren't really very injured -- even if you just meant your statement as a social pleasantry! Discussing your case with anybody but your attorney is also a bad idea because it can ruin your attorney's strategy for the case. 

4. Getting On Social Media Too Quickly

Social media is probably one of the biggest obstacles in modern times to successful lawsuits -- because it is so easy for a post to be taken out of context. For example, you might make a sarcastic joke about how you're "partying hard" for your birthday, knowing that your close friends and family members know you're actually home on the couch resting because of your injuries -- but a jury might take your words at face value. It's so easy to slip up and hand the defense all the ammunition they need to sink your case that it's better to shut down your social media until the case is resolved.

If you've been in an auto accident or suffered another personal injury, consider talking to a law firm like Trump & Trump today about how to protect your interests.