Your Legal Rights at Work

Retain A Business Law Firm That Has Attorneys With These Specialty Areas

by Lewis Hamilton

When you run a business, you always need to be attentive to the various laws and legal issues that you may face. While it's smart to learn as much as you can about the law in regards to your business, the reality is that you have a business to run and learning the law would be a full-time occupation. A better plan is to retain a business law firm that has legal departments with specialties in topics relevant to your business. You can then consult with these business attorneys on an as-needed basis, which could either be preventing future legal issues or responding to current legal issues that you're facing. Here are some specialty areas that may be applicable.


Virtually every type of company can benefit from using a business attorney who focuses on contracts. Contracts are a way of life for many organizations. For example, you have contracts that your employees sign upon getting hired, non-compete contracts that you may ask people who are resigning to sign, and more. It's not advantageous for you to write up these contracts, as they may not be legally binding and may have several issues that an employee or other entity could challenge in court. A legal professional is the right person for drafting such contracts and reviewing contracts that you have to sign, too.


Some companies are constantly seeking to grow through mergers and acquisitions. This means that you're looking for other companies with which you can partner in various capacities. Sometimes, you'll take over a company and retain much of its staff, but dissolve its name, for example. Such business practices definitely require the help of an attorney whose area of concentration is mergers. He or she will be able to guide you into knowing the legal best practices for merging so that you don't leave yourself open to future legal complications.


Government agencies are constantly watching how companies interact with the environment, and can charge companies for environmental infractions that can threaten a company's financial health. If your company has any relationship with the environment, you absolutely need business attorneys who focus on this type of law. For example, if you're a mining company or logging company, you need legal professionals who can advise you about the legality of certain steps that you may take, as well as protect you in court if you make a mistake.