Your Legal Rights at Work

Get the Support You Need to Secure a Protective Order Against Someone

by Lewis Hamilton

It's not always easy to decide to get a protective order against someone. When you are being abused or harassed in any way, it can feel overwhelming to go to court to file a protective order and stand up for yourself. You might believe that the harassment will continue anyway or that you will only make the harasser angrier with you.

When you work with protective order attorney services, your rights will be carefully outlined to you. The support you receive will make it easier to go to court and state why you need a protective order in place. Without an attorney by your side, you may not have the ability to state your case clearly.

An Attorney Can Speak for You

While the judge may want to hear from you, your attorney will do most of the talking. It is stressful to get a protective order against someone, yet you want your case to be clear. Your attorney will outline why you are seeking the order and provide the court with evidence of why you need the order. With your attorney in place, you have a better chance of getting the protection order you seek.

Your Paperwork Will Be Filled in Correctly

Harassment and abuse can be difficult to prove. Your paperwork will need to be filled in correctly to get the protection you seek. The judge will want to know details that include dates, times, and specifics of any events that occurred. Even when you feel you have been harassed, the judge looks for specific incidents that are considered legal abuse or harassment before allowing an order to continue.

Getting an Emergency Protective Order

The first step in the process of getting a protective order is to consider getting an emergency harassment order if you are truly afraid of the person. The court may grant you an emergency harassment order, but you will need to go to court to get it extended. You may get the emergency order, but the judge will need more proof once you go to extend the order.

Get the support you need to work through the complexities of getting a protective order against someone. While you might feel harassed or afraid, there are specific parameters that must be met for the protective order to remain in place. An attorney can give you the guidance you need for the protection you deserve. Contact services like Roseline D. Feral Attorney at Law to learn more.