Your Legal Rights at Work

3 Situations That Warrant Help From A Workers Comp Attorney

by Lewis Hamilton

In the event of a work injury, workers compensation comes into play. It's designed to give you compensation until you can make a recovery. If you run into the following issues when seeking this compensation, then be sure to hire a workers comp attorney as quickly as possible. 

Insurance Dragging Their Feet

Your employer's insurance company is the party that is supposed to cover your compensation after a work-related injury. If you feel like they're dragging their feet during this process, just hire a workers comp attorney.

They'll communicate with them so that you don't have to. They'll see what the delay is and do everything they can to get the insurance company to process the workers comp claim as quickly as possible. All the while, they'll make sure your rights are protected and that the insurance company doesn't deny you these benefits unjustly.

Unfair Compensation Amount

There are some insurance companies that do their best to not pay the full amount of your workers compensation claim. That's not ideal because it can put a delay in your recovery. In this case, you'll need to work with a workers comp attorney right away.

They'll take a look at the amount that your employer's insurance company is offering, seeing if it's fair or not. If it's not where it should be, they can press them and threaten legal action. They'll show exactly how much money you need to recover from your injury. 

Confusion When Filling Out Paperwork 

If you're not familiar with workers compensation, the paperwork can be a little confusing. If you're not sure about a certain clause or piece of information, just hire a workers compensation attorney. They can provide clarity that you need to get through the extensive application process in a stress-free manner.

They can answer any questions you have about forms and unfamiliar terms. Having their advice and insights can make the paperwork a lot easier to manage and fill out. It can also help you avoid costly mistakes that would otherwise delay the entire process. 

Injuries at work will happen eventually no matter what type of work environment is set up. If you're in this situation and have run into issues filing for workers compensation, then make sure you hire an experienced lawyer as quickly as possible. You then can approach these work benefits with more confidence and ultimately speed up the process by a lot. Contact a workers compensation attorney in your area to learn more.