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Misconceptions About Disability Benefits

by Lewis Hamilton

A person that has suffered a disability can find themselves facing the prospect of being unable to financially support themselves due to their inability to work. These individuals will often be in a position of desperately needing to apply for disability benefits, but they may be too misinformed to be able to utilize this support option.

Myth: Total Disability Is Required To Obtain Benefits

It is a reality that disability can occur on a sliding scale, but individuals will often assume that a person must be completely and totally disabled in order to be able to be approved for these benefits. In reality, most disability beneficiaries will still retain some degree of movement and functionality. However, their condition may be severe enough to prevent them from being able to work full-time.

Myth: The Opinion Of Your Doctor Will Be Enough To Qualify You For Disability Benefits

For many individuals, the thought of applying for disability benefits may not occur to them until their doctor recommends it to them. While it is true that your primary care physician's opinion regarding your condition will be extremely important, it is also a fact that you will need to go through an extensive evaluation that may involve being screened by independent physicians. These individuals will attempt to verify the diagnosis of your primary care physician.

Myth: Social Security Disability Lawyers Can Only Provide Marginal Assistance

The complexity of the application process for disability benefits can be enough to cause individuals to be concerned about their prospects of being able to successfully complete it. Luckily, there is no need for individuals to go through the application process on their own, as there are Social Security Disability attorneys that can assist clients with navigating and completing this lengthy and thorough application process. Furthermore, the fees that are charged by these legal professionals are likely to be capped based on local professional and legal requirements. This can minimize the costs that individuals will have to pay in order to navigate the disability application process.

A disability can have a profound impact on a person's life, but they may be able to qualify for assistance in the form of disability benefits. These benefits can be instrumental in providing individuals with financial support as well as medical care. Unfortunately, misinformation can cause disabled individuals to fail to seek this form of support, which can lead to unnecessary hardship. By knowing more about the requirements for being approved for disability benefits, the type of evaluation that will occur and the benefits that professional representation can provide, you can better evaluate this potential solution.

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