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3 Top Benefits Of Hiring A Competent Social Security Disability Lawyer

by Lewis Hamilton

Social security disability law is enforced to provide supplemental income for people who cannot work for at least one year due to disability. SSDI benefits only apply to the people who worked in jobs that are covered by the law. Besides, your health problem must satisfy the strict definition of disability under the law to receive supplemental income.

Once you fill out an application, the Social Security Administration will assess it to determine if your condition can be classified as a disability and how much compensation you should get. Sadly, very few people who handle their claims alone get the benefits. If you want your case to be considered, it is advisable to consult a social security disability lawyer. Here are the benefits of hiring a competent lawyer when pursuing social security benefits.

1. They Help You Avoid Rejection

Sadly, many applications for social security disabilities are rejected. Most of the denials happen in the application stages because few people know how to fill the forms correctly to get the Social Security Administration interested in their case.

When you hire a competent attorney, they assist you with every bit of the process from filing the application forms and attaching the right evidence. Generally, a social security disability attorney understands the critical aspects the Social Security Administration considers before awarding the benefits. Consulting a lawyer ensures that you are not locked out because of the simplest mistakes.

2. They Help Manage Your Evidence

Once the lawyer has prepared and submitted the first claim, their role is to gather additional evidence to prove your case. You might not have the experience needed to know what counts like admissible evidence to social security, but an experienced attorney does.

They also know the things that can reduce your chances of getting the benefits. They will use the evidence at hand to support your application. 

3. They Represent You at the Hearing and Appeals

Disability claims hearings are a little different from settlement cases and other court processes. Here, you present yourself to the social security department and make the most persuasive case for yourself.

The lawyer can help make an opening and closing statement for you. They can also prepare the questions to guide you in giving the best testimony.

Your chances of getting disability benefits increase when you are working with a competent lawyer. Take time and choose a great lawyer for a fast and suitable process.