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Can You Use a Bail Bond Agent Without Any Cash?

by Lewis Hamilton

A trip in a police car often leads to a complimentary stay in jail, which is never a place people want to be. If you end up there, you might want to find a way out as quickly as possible, and you have options. You can pay a cash bail to get released, but this does not work well if you have no money. What about a bail bond agent? Can you use them without any money? Here is an explanation of how a bail bond agent works and how to hire one without any cash.

Call Your Friends and Family

The first thing you might want to do after your arrest is to call your friends and family. Who is closest to you, and who do you think might agree to help you? If you can find a friend or relative that is willing to offer some cash, you will have an easier time getting out of jail. If you can get enough cash from your friends and family to pay the cash bail, you could get out of jail that way. If this is the case, you will not need to hire a bail bond agent. If you cannot get enough money to pay the cash bail, you might need to pursue other options.

Call a Bail Bond Agent

The other option you have is to call a bail bond agent. Bail agents assist with releases from jail, but they charge fees. A bail bond agent might accept several payment options for the fees. The first option is cash. How much cash can you get? If it is around 10% of your cash bail amount, you might have enough to cover the bail bond agent's fees. If it is less than 10% of the bail amount, you can ask the bail bond agent if you can get out of jail without paying the fees in full.

The agent will probably tell you that they will accept collateral in lieu of cash. Collateral is made up of any assets that you can hand over to the agent that have value. You can use jewelry, a car title, or almost anything else. If your assets have enough value, you will not need to come up with any cash for your release.

If you do not understand how this process works, contact an emergency bail bonds service. They can explain everything to you and help you find a way out.