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Duties of a Personal Injury Lawyer in the Claims Process

by Lewis Hamilton

A personal injury lawyer is an excellent asset in the liability claims process. The lawyers provide legal representation when seeking justice for injuries resulting from negligence. So, what kind of support should you expect from a personal injury attorney? 

Assess Your Claim 

The first step in determining whether to pursue personal injury claims is to assess the case merits. Usually, the law and insurance companies establish the terms and conditions for a liability claim. Thus, deciding whether your case qualifies for compensation is not always a straightforward process. When you hire a personal injury lawyer, the attorney will help you weigh the legal remedies. Typically, the lawyer checks whether there is a basis for suing and the burden of proof. Then the attorney evaluates the ability to gather evidence to build up a case. Consequently, the personal injury lawyer will advise you on the likelihood of success should you decide to initiate a claims process. 

Build a Case 

A personal injury lawyer helps you in gathering the necessary evidence to establish a negligence claim. The lawyer understands that the burden of proof in a personal injury case rests on the claimant. As a result, the lawyer prioritizes gathering evidence to present the merits of the case. For instance, if you are involved in an accident resulting from acts of negligence at a workplace, the attorney collects facts about the incident. Such evidence may include pictures, videos, and eyewitnesses. More so, the lawyer helps you to get specialist testaments from medical and professional experts. Again, the attorney ensures that you collect financial records for the costs incurred during treatment. In this way, you can have reliable and adequate evidence to negotiate with the insurance adjuster or present in the courtroom.


Negotiating with insurance companies is a long and tedious task. Thus, few people have the patience and the time to engage the insurer in back-and-forth negotiations. More so, negotiation requires skills and experience for a positive outcome. Primarily, the personal injury lawyer can help you overcome such negotiation challenges. The attorney uses their expertise to negotiate with the adjusters for reasonable compensation. Thus, the chances of claims denial and reduction become minimal. More so, the lawyers can use legal threats to increase the chances of an out-of-court settlement. 

Provide Legal Representation in Court 

A personal injury lawyer is a legal expert who understands the litigation process. In the first instance, the attorney handles the court filings and procedures. In this case, the lawyer prepares all the necessary documents using the appropriate language and formatting. Also, the lawyer serves the other party with the court papers for a response. Then, the attorney appears before a judge and articulates your case. Notably, the personal injury lawyer ensures that the insurance company complies with court orders for compensation. 

You should not have to put your life and wellness on hold to pursue personal injury claims. Instead, find a personal injury lawyer you can trust for adequate consultation and representation. You can have a peek at this site to learn more.