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Personal Injury: 3 Common Causes Of Wall Collapse In Construction Sites And How To Get Compensated

by Lewis Hamilton

When an accident happens at a construction site, most people label it a tragedy. However, many circumstances leading to the accident are avoidable. Construction site injuries fall under the general classification of personal injuries. If the injured person is a construction worker, there could be a workers' compensation plan in place to help them get treatment. 

On the other hand, you can choose to forgo the claim and sue the liable party for your damages if you feel they acted negligently. Non-workers injured in a site can also file a personal injury claim. Here are three causes of wall collapse and the liabilities involved. 

When Workers Are Unqualified for the Job

The standard of the construction of a building significantly depends on the qualification of the builders. If they have training from the trade school, they'll put up quality walls. On the other hand, builders who haven't received the right training from a recognized trade school tend to make mistakes in the construction process, leading to wall collapse. 

Typically, the contractor and construction site manager should vet their employees and ensure they have the recommended training and certification. If you can prove that a wall collapse resulted from poorly trained workers, the contractor and project owner will take liability.

When There Is No Land Survey

A land survey is a crucial part of the construction process. One of the essential aspects of a survey is to evaluate the type of soil in a place before construction. The subsequent report enables the contractor to determine whether the soil can adequately support a given structure. 

Besides that, a survey unearths conditions like shifting soil, varying levels of water, rainfall, and other factors that can affect the stability of the structure. Therefore, ignoring this step can amount to negligence and liability in the case of a wall collapse. 

When There Are No Safety Measures

Contractors and construction site owners sometimes stretch their limits regarding timelines. Unfortunately, doing this can compromise the safety standards of the building. For example, a wall might collapse if you do not allow concrete pillars to cure properly before installing a slab. The contractor and owner will be liable for any resulting injuries.

These are some common causes of a wall collapse in the construction process. If you are a victim, you should look into personal injury attorney services to assess the circumstances of your accident and file a claim.