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4 Must-Have Elements Of A Workers Compensation Claims

by Lewis Hamilton

A work-related injury can set you back financially and professionally. Getting your workers' compensation claim approved by the insurers can be a lengthy process. A worker compensation lawyer can help you draft a working strategy with the proper documentation to get your compensation benefits. Insurers will often demand several items to start processing your claims. Here are some essential elements you should consider when filing the claim. 

1. A Work-Related Injury

You need to prove to the insurer that the injury is work-related. Usually, employers will have you file an incident report that details the events leading to, during, and after the accident. Some employers will present this injury report without any additional information from you. While others will request you to fill in more information to make the report comprehensive.  Some details you will need to fill in are:

  • Date of injury
  • Type of injury or illness
  • The date you filled and returned the form to the employee
  • Place/Location of the injury

2. Necessary Insurance, Work, and Medical Paperwork

Once your employer finishes the claims form, you need to look into your medical report. An insurance representative will help you gather the necessary documentation for the description of the claim. Some hospitals will file the medical expenses separately to allow for compensation, while other states will have a particular physician diagnose and work with the employee.   

3. An Approval From the Insurance Carrier

The insurance carrier will analyze your application documents to assess if you qualify for the compensation. You will also have to present the claims form to the state's division of the workers' compensation boards. The board will only deny the request if there are inconsistencies or mistakes in your filing documents. 

Thus, you should contact a compensation lawyer to help you through the process without any hiccups. Some injuries or illnesses may be challenging to trace back to the workplace's working conditions. But the lawyer will find a way to get you the necessary medical and financial compensation. Some may even have the insurer reimburse you for any transport expenses you may have incurred.

4. Time

Filing your claims in time gives you a better chance of approval. Don't wait too long before filing the claims. The insurer will compare the date on the filled forms from the employer against the date of the injury.  Some people will file the claims after being fired, making it difficult for the insurer to confirm the claims. 

Filing a compensation claim can be simple if you understand these elements. Contact a workers compensation lawyer to learn more.