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3 Reasons To Make A Criminal Defense Attorney Your Ally If You're Charged With A Weapon Crime

by Lewis Hamilton

The consequences for weapon crimes can be severe, even for first offenses. You may be fined, incarcerated, or have a criminal record that follows you for life. If you've been charged with a weapon crime, making a criminal defense attorney your ally is essential. These lawyers will help you navigate the legal system and ensure you get the best outcome in your case. Keep reading to learn why you need to have these legal professionals by your side when you're facing a weapon charge: 

1. They'll Explain Your Rights

Every individual charged with a weapon crime has rights that should be protected. Unfortunately, some prosecutors and law enforcement officers may not explain these rights in detail. They may also infringe upon them in some way. When you team up with a criminal defense attorney, you'll have detailed information about legal rights. These lawyers will tell you the steps to take and what you're entitled to so that you can make informed decisions about how to proceed with your case.

2. They'll Defend You in Court

Understanding court procedures and the potential penalties associated with a weapon crime can be challenging if you don't have a legal background. If you represent yourself in court, you will likely struggle to make a persuasive argument. You could also make errors that may cause you to receive a harsher punishment. A criminal defense attorney understands court processes and will ensure your case is heard fairly. If you hire them, they'll present your case in the most favorable light and argue any motions or appeals to get the accusations against you dismissed. They can also access resources, such as expert witnesses or private investigators, to support your case.

3. They're Experienced Negotiators

In some instances, negotiating with prosecutors to reduce your weapon charges if certain conditions are met may be possible. Fortunately, a criminal defense lawyer can help with this process. These attorneys are experienced negotiators who know the legal system and how to bargain with prosecutors on behalf of their clients. They'll tell you what type of plea bargain to accept and what conditions you need to meet to avoid a conviction.

When charged with a weapon crime, making a criminal defense attorney your ally is essential if you want the best outcome. With these lawyers by your side, you can be confident that you'll get justice and avoid being subjected to harsh punishment. Contact a local criminal defense attorney to learn more.