Your Legal Rights at Work

  • How Can You Sue For An Accident In Another State?

    30 December 2020

    If you get involved in a car accident when you're driving in another state, you generally have the same rights as if you were driving close to home. However, there are some things you should be aware of. Your Insurance May Adjust While your insurance will generally follow you anywhere within the United States, your policy may automatically adjust to the laws of the state you're driving in. This usually works out in your favor.

  • Getting To Know Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Common Faqs

    30 December 2020

    Debt overload can be stressful, especially if you are not earning enough to make all your payments in a timely manner. Working with bankruptcy attorneys to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy can be a necessary move. Take a look at some questions individuals tend to have when filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy.  What is the debt limit for filing chapter 7 bankruptcy? There are no debt limits related to chapter 7 bankruptcy, but what you may find are limitations that apply to your income level.

  • How to Deal With an Unpaid Wages Claim

    1 December 2020

    One of the most stressful issues to deal with is an employer failing to pay wages that you honestly earned. You likely are wondering what recourse you might have, how to address the situation, and whether you may need to ask an unpaid wages lawyer for help. This is what an unpaid wages attorney will usually tell a prospective client to do. Relentlessly Document Promises and Communications If it comes to legal action, you can bet there's a good chance the case will hinge on what the two sides can document.

  • The Path Through Divorce

    2 November 2020

    The final divorce decree can come months after you file and what happens in between those days matters. Read below for a summary of what to expect from the time you end your relationship until the final petition is filed. Separate Living – Once a party packs up and leaves, the marriage is likely over. All attempts to seek therapy and work things out may only lead to a certainty that divorce is the only answer.

  • 3 Top Benefits Of Hiring A Competent Social Security Disability Lawyer

    2 October 2020

    Social security disability law is enforced to provide supplemental income for people who cannot work for at least one year due to disability. SSDI benefits only apply to the people who worked in jobs that are covered by the law. Besides, your health problem must satisfy the strict definition of disability under the law to receive supplemental income. Once you fill out an application, the Social Security Administration will assess it to determine if your condition can be classified as a disability and how much compensation you should get.

  • Will You Have To Go To Court Over Child Support?

    31 August 2020

    One of the biggest worries people often have when they speak with a child support lawyer is the possibility they'll have to go to court. Whether you're the parent or guardian with primary custody of the child or the one being asked to pay support, the process can seem a little daunting. Here is a look at some of the factors that might affect whether your case will end up before a judge.

  • Tips For Hiring A Speeding Ticket Law Firm

    30 July 2020

    If you have recently been cited for speeding, you might be thinking about hiring a speeding ticket law firm. You might have never had to hire a lawyer to help you out with a speeding ticket, however, so you might not really be sure of what to do. If you are in this situation, you might find these tips to be helpful. Understand the Benefits of Hiring One of These Firms

  • Misconceptions About Disability Benefits

    2 July 2020

    A person that has suffered a disability can find themselves facing the prospect of being unable to financially support themselves due to their inability to work. These individuals will often be in a position of desperately needing to apply for disability benefits, but they may be too misinformed to be able to utilize this support option. Myth: Total Disability Is Required To Obtain Benefits It is a reality that disability can occur on a sliding scale, but individuals will often assume that a person must be completely and totally disabled in order to be able to be approved for these benefits.

  • 3 Situations That Warrant Help From A Workers Comp Attorney

    26 May 2020

    In the event of a work injury, workers compensation comes into play. It's designed to give you compensation until you can make a recovery. If you run into the following issues when seeking this compensation, then be sure to hire a workers comp attorney as quickly as possible.  Insurance Dragging Their Feet Your employer's insurance company is the party that is supposed to cover your compensation after a work-related injury. If you feel like they're dragging their feet during this process, just hire a workers comp attorney.

  • 3 Tips For Using An RFC Form When Filing For Social Security Disability Benefits

    24 April 2020

    Individuals who become disabled can find it challenging to support themselves financially. A disability has the potential to interfere with your ability to perform work-related tasks easily and comfortably over time. Social Security Disability benefits are designed to help offer financial support to any individual affected by a disability. The Social Security Administration relies on a book which lists the qualifying criteria for each recognized disability. Not all disability benefits applicants will meet the listing criteria, despite being severely disabled.