Your Legal Rights at Work

  • Filing The Will: What Loved Ones Should Know

    9 March 2023

    The probate process is often spoken of with dread. However, it can be made simple. Filing the will is the first step in the probate process so read on to find out what happens next. Is Probate Necessary? Before you file the will, speak to a probate lawyer. In many states, probate is not necessary if the estate is valued under a certain value. If many of the assets of the estate are exempt from probate, you might not need to file at all.

  • Alimony And Your Financial Security After Divorce

    9 March 2023

    Even though alimony (spousal support) for divorcing couples is not as common as it once might have been, this form of support may still be ordered if a need is shown. Several factors go into the decision to order alimony so read on and find out more. Showing a Need for Alimony Often, both spouses in a relationship must work outside the home to make ends meet. If a spouse does remain at home, that party might be at a financial disadvantage when a divorce is in the offing.

  • Social Security Disability Insurance: What You Need To Know

    10 February 2023

    When you suffer from an injury or illness that leaves you unable to work, your financial situation is going to become difficult unless you're able to obtain an alternate source of income. To help alleviate this problem, the government has created the Social Security Disability Insurance program, also known as SSDI, to give eligible disabled people a means of supporting themselves. This article examines some key facts about SSDI that everyone should know.